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STRIO CartBoy Pro 510 Cart Battery


STRIO Fly High Auto Smoking 510 Battery

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STRIO Cartbox Pro W/ Screen


Introducing the STRIO Cartbox Pro: Discreet Power in a Familiar Design. Revolutionizing discreet vaping, the STRIO Cartbox Pro redefines the boundaries of functionality and stealth with its innovative design that seamlessly masquerades as a disposable vape.

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Introducing the STRIO Cartbox Pro: Discreet Power in a Familiar Design

Revolutionizing discreet vaping, the STRIO Cartbox Pro redefines the boundaries of functionality and stealth with its innovative design that seamlessly masquerades as a disposable vape.

Sleek Disguise, Unmatched Power Discreetly designed to mimic the appearance of a disposable vape, the Cartbox Pro conceals a powerhouse within, offering exceptional performance while blending in perfectly.

Robust 1000mAh Battery Capacity Embark on extended vaping sessions confidently, courtesy of the robust 1000mAh battery that ensures enduring power for uninterrupted enjoyment.

Five Variable Voltage Settings Tailor your vaping experience precisely with five variable voltage settings ranging from 2.4V to 3.8V, allowing you to explore various flavors and vapor densities effortlessly.

Lightning-Fast USB Type-C Charging Experience rapid recharging with the USB Type-C port, enabling swift and efficient charging, so you spend less time waiting and more time vaping.

Clear and Crisp LCD Screen Stay informed with ease using the vivid LCD screen, displaying your settings, puff count, and battery life for a comprehensive overview at your fingertips.

Universal Compatibility Accommodating 510 thread cartridges up to 14mmx60mm, the Cartbox Pro offers versatility, ensuring compatibility with a wide array of cartridges.

Intelligent Safety Features Featuring automatic shutdown after 10 seconds of inactivity, a fast preheat function to prevent clogs, puff count monitoring, and high voltage and overload protection during charging for your peace of mind.

Efficient Charging and Safeguards Recharge fully in approximately 80 minutes while the device employs high voltage and overload protection, ensuring safety and longevity.

Elevate your vaping experience discreetly yet dynamically with the STRIO Cartbox Pro. Concealed in the guise of a disposable vape, it embodies potent performance and ingenious features, redefining discretion and power in the world of vaping.


  • 1000mAh battery for long-lasting battery life
  • Clear and Crisp LCD Screen
  • Five variable voltage settings – 2.4/2.6/2.8/3.4/3.8V
  • Stylish and discreet with a hidden compartment for your favorite 1-2g vape cart!
  • Button and auto-draw capability, preheat and variable voltage options
  • Rechargeable with lightning-fast USB Type-C charge port
  • Pre-heat function to help prevent clogs, perfect for cannabis oils
  • Fits most 1-2g 510 thread carts within 14mm diameter (Ø14.5*60mm)
  • Magnetic lock to easily snap your cart into place
  • Over-voltage and short-circuit protection
  • 10 distinct colors!
  • Cartridges not included*



Power On/Off Vape Battery:

There is no need to power this battery on or off, it will automatically turn on and off based on usage. No operation for 10 seconds will turn off the screen and put device in standby mode.

Preheating Vape Battery:

Preheat by pressing button 2 times or drawing 2 times within 1.5 seconds. We recommend you pre-heat this cart battery every time.

Preheating will occur at 1.8V for 15 seconds. The device will stop preheating if there is any operation during the preheating cycle.

Screen display: While preheating, the gear mark will be off and the preheating mark (flame mark) will be flashing. After preheating, the flame mark will turn off and the gear mark will turn on. If there is no operation the screen will turn off within 10 seconds (Current battery level and puff count are normally displayed).


Auto-draw: The current light is on when smoking directly, the  device is always ready to go via auto-draw.

Screen display: The screen displays the battery level, puff count, voltage, and the screen turns off after 10 seconds without any operation.

To Adjust Voltage: Pressing the button 1 time to change voltage with vibration (default blue light), the corresponding light on for 1 second.

  • 2.4V–Yellow light on for 1 second
  • 2.6V–Purple light on for 1 second
  • 2.8V–Green light on for 1 second
  • 3.4V–Blue light on for 1 second
  • 3.8V–Red light on for 1 second

Screen display: Similar to a mobile phone signal indicator, 5 bars represent the highest voltage, single 1 bar represents the lowest voltage. No operation within 10 seconds will turn off the screen, any operation during the shift process will switch to the command state. (Current battery level, puff count always show on the display)

Screen display: when the screen is off, pressing the button or smoking will illuminate the display to show the actual battery level. Current battery level, puff count always show the normal display, the screen turns off after 10 seconds without any operation. Press the button twice and then hold it down for the third time to clear the puff counter.

*For best connection and airflow, screw in cart fully then unscrew a quarter turn

**Blinking white light means the cart has not seated properly. Reconnect it or try a different cart to fix the problem.

***Please ensure your carts are 14mm diameter or less (Ø14.5*60mm)


Battery Dimensions:

Cart Battery dimensions.

  • Length – 3.9″
  • Width – 1.75″
  • Height – 0.9″

Charging specifications

Low voltage – When the voltage is under 3.2V, the red light will flash 10 times and vibrate 2 seconds alarm then go into standby mode.

Screen display: the power display as 0, (Current battery level, puff count always show on the normal display)

Charging current – 5V⎓0.5A with overvoltage protection. Power off before charging, this device does not support fast charging.

Once you insert the charger, the device will vibrate once. Power off before charging.

Screen display: The screen displays the actual power and percentage during charging, the charging sign will keep flashing during charging, once fully charged the screen will show 100% and the charging sign will stay lit. Pull out the charger and the charging sign will turn off.

Charging time – About 80 minutes

Charging – Red light–charging, Green light–fully charged

Protection features

Power on/off – Rapidly smoking or press 5 times to switch start/off, the switch light flash 1 time (No auto power off)

Smoking Time Out – Smoking >10s , red lights flash 4 times and standby

Overload – PCBA with overvoltage protection. When resistance is < 0.8ohm, white lights flash 3 times and device enters standby mode.

Short out – Red light flash 3 times, output cut-off.

No load – White lights flash 3 times.

Charging High Voltage Protection – 5V/0.5A can be charged normally, 7V-28V device goes into the protection state to cut off the charging current. The indicator light is off.

Please note these usage instructions for your new device:

1. Do not charge any vape batteries with a cart attached. Electronics can heat up while they’re charging and it could cause the cart itself to leak into the device.

2. Always preheat any vape battery before use. Whether this be with a new cart or used, this makes the concentrate more viscous and easier to vaporize by the device.

3. Make sure to not exceed 90 minutes on a charger. The batteries themselves are small and don’t take much time to fully charge.

Additional information

Dimensions 3.9 × 1.75 × 0.9 in

Midnight Blue Leather, Espresso Brown Leather, Brilliant Black, Amulet Red Leather, Flamingo Pink Leather, Signal Red, Tiffany Blue, Preidot Green, Birch Green Leather, Azure Blue



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