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Botanic Tonics Feel Free Classic Tonic Shot – Box of 12 (New Packaging)


Enjoy the Feel Free box of 12 from Aladdin Glass & Vape!

Just $79.99 + Taxes & Shipping! (Order two boxes and get free shipping!)

Feel Free’s Classic Tonic Shot’s is one of the best shots we’ve sold! Customer feedback is great, the price is better than most of these other companies shots as well! Other companies offer shots a little more expensive than Feel Free and you’re getting a quarter of the liquid! Switch to Feel Free today! Life just Feels a whole lot better!

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Feel Free’s feel-good tonic is a kava drink that features kava and other Plant Ingredients known to help with relaxation, productivity and focus.* These plants hail from the South Pacific and Southeast Asia, where they’ve been used socially and in wellness for centuries. Consume Responsibly.

The kava plant, also known as kava kava or piper methysticum, is native to the South Pacific. The root of the plant is used as an herbal solution with various effects. Traditionally, the kava root was ground into a paste and added to liquid for consumption as a kava drink. It’s often used in ceremonies and rituals for its relaxation properties, potential to increase sociability, and mood elevation.

  • “It gives a very nice light feeling, like life is a little more effortless”

Made in USA

Quality ingredients sourced from around the world, manufactured in an FDA-registered, GMP-certified facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Certified Lab Tested

Each batch’s ingredients and final product pass Multiple Tests for active ingredient consistency and contaminant safety.

Quality Controlled

Raw material, in-process, finished product, and product stability testing performed by trained quality control scientists.

Are you looking for a natural way to increase your energy, find clearer mental focus, or soothe occasional anxious nerves?* Our feel free CLASSIC tonic might be just what you’re searching for. This powerful kava drink is made using kava kava plant, also known as piper methysticum, and other ancient plants to provide a multitude of benefits.

Kava kava is an ancient root from the South Pacific and Southeast Asia, where it has been used for its social and mood enhancement properties for centuries. Traditionally, fresh kava root was ground into a paste or brewed as tea for consumption. Today, you can get the same benefits of the kava root as the Pacific Islanders and buy kava kava as a convenient tonic that’s easy to take on the go, entirely plant-based, and gluten-free.

At Botanic Tonics, we source only the highest quality ingredients for our tonic, and the same goes for the rest of our collection. All of our products are made in an FDA-regulated facility, always maintaining top-level standards for any method of kava consumption. This means Botanic Tonics each batch’s ingredients and final product pass multiple tests for active ingredient consistency and contaminant safety. Our kava drinking tonic is also naturally sweetened with pineapple juice and sweet stevia leaf.

Our feel free CLASSIC tonic can be used as a caffeine substitute or energy drink substitute.* The natural effects of drinking kava can include increased sociability, relaxation, and potential to decrease feelings of worry and occasional anxiety.* So whether you just crave the feeling of a drink in hand while out with friends or want to elevate your mood without worry, a kava beverage can do the trick.

The feel free CLASSIC isn’t just an evening-out beverage, though. Because of its ability to increase productivity and focus, this kava tonic features all the desired effects of caffeine without jitters or crashes.* Plus, it’s a powerful boost that comes in a small package: the recommended kava consumption serving size is ¼ to ½ of a bottle of feel free, or between 0.5 and 1 oz. Be sure to shake the bottle well before drinking, and wait 15 to 20 minutes for the tonic to kick in. After that, enjoy a lighter mood, better focus, and overall chiller vibe with our feel free CLASSIC tonic, formulated with ancient herbs and botanicals.




Feel Free

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